Projects, in Flight and in the Wings

I don’t want to go on and on about submissions, necessarily, since they may never see the light of day, but hey, a writing project is a writing project, and I’ll take all the behind the scenes cheering on I can get!

Recently, I submitted a story here:, so if anyone was hoping I’d give women a turn in my romantically-inclined writing, that person is in luck!  I won’t find out til October on that one, so cross your fingers. 🙂

Also, everyone should be proud that I finished a story in under 4,500 words.  This one did not grow wildly out of control, hurrah!

I’m hoping to make an announcement about a different upcoming publication pretty soon, so stay tuned… I’ve had the acceptance, just waiting for the details to firm up.

And right now I am trying to decide what to spend my August writing time on.  What I need to spend at least a hefty chunk of it on, quite soon, is working up my syllabus for the composition course I’ll be teaching in the fall.  Other options include this:, which I realize is cutting it a bit close… I’ve been kicking around another David and Andrew story, but haven’t quite gotten it off the ground.. and this:  I started a story before I found that second call for submissions that I think would work for it, but lost steam and haven’t looked at it in a bit… so maybe I should dust that off.

I also really want to nail down a time to work on another story to submit to Cicada Magazine, since I got an extremely encouraging and personal rejection from them for the last story I sent there.  And there are some longer-term projects I’m working on, but I don’t want to say too much about them just yet…

Anybody have any suggestions of what I should pick?  Of course, it’s very possible I will end up going in other directions entirely, but these are the projects on my mind at the moment.  In addition to keeping this blog regularly fed, watered, and written in.

Sound like enough, with work and preparing for school and summer fun and volunteering?  Probably definitely enough.  Stay tuned for the actual results!