(P)reviews of Resilience + Guest Blogging Series Inaugural Announcement!

Hi all!

It has come to my attention that Resilience has been featured in two previews– and they are exciting and laudatory!   Here’s the one: http://reviewsbyamoslassen.com/?p=14620 and here’s the other: http://asknicola.blogspot.com/2012/01/resilience.html.  Thank you, Amos Lassen and Nicola Griffith, for the warm welcome to this book!

Also, while writing that last post about my youth, something kept going through my mind: I really wanted to do something about the fact that there are such bounded and limited narratives of understanding sexuality that really have cultural currency.  It seems that everyone expects sexual attraction, interest, and experience to unfold in one of a very few ways, and I think there are tons of pieces of sexuality that get left out of that– and that gives us less of a sense of the richness and mystery of our sexualities and also leads to isolation, confusion, or shame about things that don’t necessarily fit into those narratives.  I think that’s part of the reason that I wrote about the particular things I did, which might not be included in a standard sexual awakening/coming out story, especially since they didn’t really involve anyone else’s physical involvement or much attraction to other women!  But they are significant to my own understanding of my own sexuality.

So, while thinking about all this, I was also thinking about how I wanted to have some guest blogging series on here, on many topics that I think could use a mosaic of stories which will honor all kinds of narratives and experiences, sexuality being one.

I mentioned this to a friend while we discussed my post, and she, thrillingly, immediately wrote a tale of her own sexual experience, including ways it did not fit in with the narrative she had been led to expect.  I’m very excited about this and will post it soon!

I also want to open the discussion up to the rest of you:  if you are intrigued and pleased by this idea, send me a story about your sexuality, its origins, its boundaries, its secrets or surprises… whatever you want.  Whatever you haven’t found a place to tell.  No length requirements or limits!  I may edit them for grammar and whatnot, and I’ll let you know if there’s other editing I’d prefer to do.  Please don’t send anything that expresses contempt for other people, and other than that I’ll let you know if your piece is not something I feel comfortable with for whatever reason.  Also, if you haven’t had sex, I am still deeply interested in stories of your sexuality– I don’t want people to feel that they must have had some particular experience to qualify.

If you would like, I can write up some prompts and questions to get you thinking, but feel free to just write!

I look forward to reading your stories!  And don’t forget to go and get Resilience while the sale is on!  https://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=12440418

P.S. I realized that if you wanted to do this but don’t know me personally, you wouldn’t know where to send your post!  If that’s your situation, just leave me a comment and I will send you contact info.


The Clown and the Magician- Another Great Review!

Well, today is my first day of orientation for the PhD program in English that I am about to start.  So, naturally, I was relieving my nerves by seeing if anyone else had reviewed The Clown and the Magician.

And someone had!  Here, and glowingly: http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/tag/rebecca-lynne-fullan/.  Thanks, Portia!  I am delighted to learn that there are gems falling from my literary tree.  I’ll try to keep ’em coming.

Also, I know everyone is eagerly awaiting the exclusive interview with Charlotte Rahn-Lee about her upcoming release (upcoming as in tomorrow!), Royal Quarry.  Fear not!  The interview is progressing apace, and shall be posted here just as soon as we both have a minute to breathe.

Actually, taking a minute to breathe sounds like a good idea.  Want to join me?   I’m gonna close my eyes… breathe in deeply… and let it out.

There.  We’re conspiring.

(I got to explain conspiracy to my Upper Elementary school students on our last class day.  I talked about how if you’re working on a secret plot you have to lean in so closely that you’re breathing the same air.)

The Clown and the Magician- News and Reviews!

Just in case you forgot what the cover art looks like!

Well, as with the similarly named post about “The Hanukkah Surprise,” I don’t know if there’s really news about The Clown and the Magician, but there are reviews!  Two from Amazon reader reviewers, one of whom is a friend and fellow writer, Jeffrey McGraw (http://www.jeffreymcgraw.com/index.html), and one from the M/M romance review site, Reviews by Jessawave.  All three reviews were kind and insightful, and my thanks to all the reviewers!  I’m especially grateful to Jessawave’s site for featuring my book in this review, and also for having a giveaway of it earlier.  I was particularly pleased by all the details LadyM picked up on in her review, since the questions she was asking about Jake and various other aspects of the story are questions I’ve been kicking around in my own head as well.  I certainly haven’t committed to a sequel, but when I play with the concept, those are definitely the directions I see myself going in.

So, without further ado, here are the reviews!

The Amazon reviews:


The Jessawave Review:


Oh, and in case all that’s convinced you to buy the book, here’s that link as well:


The Hanukkah Surprise- News and Reviews

Ok, so there isn’t really any news about “The Hanukkah Surprise,” as it’s been out since last December and nobody’s bought it in ages.  (Turns out Hanukkah stories aren’t tremendously popular at other times of the year, believe it or not.)  But I figured while I was sending people over to Dreamspinner Press, and, hopefully, attracting some readers from there, I might as well put in a good word for my other story there, neglected though it may be due to seasonal disjunction.

Also, I didn’t have anywhere to post reviews or talk about it in my meandering way when it came out, so I will attend to the former in the this post, and to the latter in another, more conceptual post shortly.

“The Hanukkah Surprise” started my formal relationship with male/male romance.  (Which I think is a little silly as a genre name, but it does get the point across clearly).  My informal relationship is about a billion times more interesting, sexier, longer, stranger… but I’m not gonna talk about that right now.  Formally, I heard about the genre because Rachel heard about this call for submissions Dreamspinner Press had for holiday stories, and I thought, sure, I could do one of those.

It worked out, and my little gay Hanukkah story got to be part of the 2010 Advent Calendar at Dreamspinner Press.  The Advent Calendar is this annual thing they do where you can buy a big gigantic package of stories and then receive one per day for the entire month of December.  (This is a superb idea, but not for the faint of heart.  For example, if you and your girlfriend decide to read each of these stories aloud to each other while relaxing or doing household chores, you may not actually be finished by, say, July.  Just sayin’.)

But don’t worry!  You can also buy “The Hanukkah Surprise” separately.  And in case you’re wondering what it’s about, other than Hanukkah and a surprise, here’s the official blurb and buy link:


Also, some readers wrote reviews, which were mostly quite lovely and kind:



And this one is my favorite:


So there’s a small bunch of links to keep you entertained for a bit, if what you were looking for in entertainment was a small bunch of links.  I have more to say about this story, but I’ll do that in another post.  For now, I’ll just say that it would be quite a pleasure to actually sell a copy of this story in the summertime, if anyone who hasn’t read it feels so inclined.  And if you want to wait til Hanukkah, don’t worry.  I’m sure I’ll talk about it then, too. 😉