As advertised in my tagline, I am a writer of various stripes. This means that some of what I write is fiction, and some is not. Some is prose, some is poetry, and some is drama. Some of the non-fiction stuff is academic, and some is personal exploration. Much of it is queer in one way or another. Some of it is even most of these things at the same time. This is perhaps because I have a fertile and generous imagination, and perhaps because I hate making choices and always have to have as many flavors of ice cream as possible. I’ve been accused of an excess of whimsy in my writing, but never of a deficiency of love. If you’re dying to read some personal essays about being a young Catholic woman and some erotic romance about gay men, and just wish that somebody, somewhere, would write both, boy, are you in luck.

Some biographical information for those who would like it: I’m a native of Syracuse, NY, and currently live in New York City, where I’m pursuing a PhD in English from CUNY. Hopelessly (and gratefully) entangled in education, I am also a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and Harvard Divinity School. I have spent my young adulthood wandering around the East Coast, accumulating books, friends, and restless spirits looking for a home. I live with my girlfriend, who is excellent and talented, and whose writing I will also sometimes thrust into your field of vision if you return to this site. I am executive director of the all-female Uncut Pages Theater Company (www.uncutpages.org). My favorite color is red, and, since I was about three years old, I have often been spotted in the company of an intrepid stuffed bunny.

I started this website to have a place where my disparate writing endeavors could all run around and play together, like they do in their natural habitat of me. I want people who take an interest in what I’m doing to to be able to find more of it, however they may find me at first. I also want to stand up and show my colors: so far, I put my name on all the things I write, no matter how divergent they may seem, because they all come from me, and the fact that they all come from me tells you far more about me than any one piece could do on its own. I want to bid you welcome to where I really live. (Mentally and spiritually, that is. Physically, I do not want to bid you welcome to where I really live unless we have some previous acquaintance. The fact that I can do one and not the other is part of the whole awesomely intimate-with-strangers writing trick, isn’t it?)

And what I really, really want is for you to read what I write and talk to me about it.


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