The Clown and the Magician- News and Reviews!

Just in case you forgot what the cover art looks like!

Well, as with the similarly named post about “The Hanukkah Surprise,” I don’t know if there’s really news about The Clown and the Magician, but there are reviews!  Two from Amazon reader reviewers, one of whom is a friend and fellow writer, Jeffrey McGraw (, and one from the M/M romance review site, Reviews by Jessawave.  All three reviews were kind and insightful, and my thanks to all the reviewers!  I’m especially grateful to Jessawave’s site for featuring my book in this review, and also for having a giveaway of it earlier.  I was particularly pleased by all the details LadyM picked up on in her review, since the questions she was asking about Jake and various other aspects of the story are questions I’ve been kicking around in my own head as well.  I certainly haven’t committed to a sequel, but when I play with the concept, those are definitely the directions I see myself going in.

So, without further ado, here are the reviews!

The Amazon reviews:

The Jessawave Review:

Oh, and in case all that’s convinced you to buy the book, here’s that link as well:


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