Happy Release Day to the Clown and the Magician!

It’s been released!!! 😀

The Clown and the Magician is now on the virtual shelves! That reminds me of a technical note I don’t think I mentioned before: the novella is being released as an ebook only, so if you’re not sure how to work that or what to do with that, let me know and I’ll help you out. Probably that’s not the case if you’re reading this blog, but just in case there’s any confusion.

But anyway, the book is out! It has moved from the “Coming Soon” to the “New Releases” section of Dreamspinner Press’ website, it has appeared on my bookshelf there, and, most importantly, it is now available to be YOURS for only $3.99. (Cheap price made possible by its ebook-ness, which I do appreciate, despite my very strong love of physical, graspable books and desire to see my name on the cover of one of those).

This also means that now the book is not just mine to talk and think about, but also anyone else’s who buys it and reads it and cares to say something about it. Exciting and scary stuff again! But great, in a way, because I’m definitely ready to stop having a monologue about this thing and start having a conversation.

If you do buy the book, and you wouldn’t mind leaving me a note to that effect, you will receive in return lovely vibes of authorial relief and gratitude.

Welcome to the world-at-large, book! With a clown and a magician in you, you ought to throw one heck of a birthday party. I hope your guests have a fantastic time.

Here's the cover art again, still by the talented Anne Cain

Look! Today I’m on the front of Dreamspinner’s website as a new release!


And here’s the normal buy link for those who like less fuss.



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