The Clown and the Magician: Cover Art, Blurb, and Dreamspinner Link!

Here's the lovely cover art by Anne Cain!

Did you hear the one about the clown and the magician?

Bernard Stevens, a dedicated clown, accepts a job at Send in the Clowns entertainment agency and learns that their corporate policy is anything but funny. In spite of the stultifying conformity the agency imposes, Bernard and magician Jake Morrison start a relationship as vibrant and unique as the men themselves.

But Jake believes in more than nonconformity—he believes in change, and when he tries to change Bernard’s relationship with his father for the better, Bernard is not amused. Bernard thinks he’s too old to change, but if he doesn’t let Jake work his magic on Bernard’s family life, he’ll find that clowning around alone is no laughing matter.

Starting Wednesday, you can buy the book here:


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