Surprises of the Clownish and Magical Varieties!

So, I wrote this post already, but it was eaten up by computer madness. By which I mean that the browser was malfunctioning and, when I tried to add a nice link at the very, very end, it decided that what I really wanted to do was start a brand new post and erase the rest. That was not true.

I will try to recreate a probably shorter version of what I said before. On my post about the release date for The Clown and the Magician, Charlotte left a comment asking about what surprised me in the writing of it, and I am happy to answer. (For those who don’t know, Charlotte is my girlfriend, so she may have figured that this was a good way to hear something about this story that she didn’t already know!)

One of the surprising things I found while writing this story is how much it became a sort of fantasia on work themes. Each of the main characters (Bernard, the clown, Jake, the magician, and Silvia, the receptionist–herself a surprise, more on her shortly) has to negotiate his or her relationship with a workplace (Send in the Clowns) that is seriously stifling of and uncommitted to them as individuals and creative folk. And, they all compromise in some ways and hold their ground in others, both sides of which really highlight their attributes as people, and show up in their personal relationships as well. I also think of this story as being far more of a fantasy in terms of what happens in the workplace than in terms of what happens romantically–not because the romance sucks, or something; I hope it does not–but because that’s where I can see my own wish fulfillment taking off. I think of this story as a little love letter to everyone stuck in crappy jobs full of bad compromises… maybe you can even read it at work! (Or maybe that’s bad advice… don’t listen to that advice…)

Another surprise, one of the best ones in my opinion, was Silvia. She was just supposed to be a mouthpiece for Send in the Clowns, but she very quickly asserted herself as a far more sympathetic and dynamic character than I had anticipated. I find the characters that demand their own space in the story delightful, not least because they do a lot of the groundwork for me!

There were more surprises, since I think writing in general is a very surprising activity, but since this is a rewrite, I will leave it at that for now.

The other thing Charlotte requested was a tantalizing detail to make you want to read the story… so… let me think… Bernard and Jake’s second date involves illegal entry into a place where they are definitely not allowed to be having a date…

Just because I want to make it really super easy for you to get the book if you want it, I’m gonna include the link at the end of every post that’s substantially about it! (This is where I ran into trouble last time… here’s hoping…)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matt
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 06:35:55

    I came back to read (I told you I’d be stalking) and can’t believe the book is coming out so soon! Congratulations, that’s amazing! I told you one day I’d be buying your books…can’t wait to get it when it comes out. Congrats again!


    • rebeccalynnefullan
      Jul 12, 2011 @ 15:53:59

      Yay! Thanks for stalking; it’s totally the kind of stalking that makes my day. And I can’t believe the book is coming out so soon, either! It was just inching along for awhile and then suddenly it jumped through the last hoops very quickly. I don’t know much about the process yet, so that’s new. If you want to read a physical paper book with a contribution of mine, check out From the Pews in the Back; it’s in the More Writing, Please! section on the top. And I haven’t forgotten that whenever I create a physical paper book that’s all mine, you get an autographed copy. 🙂

      Also, I should probably do the more personal-chatty stuff on facebook, but whatever, it’s my blog… are you gonna be in New Haven next year (at Yale, smarty pants)? I feel like I saw that floating around somewhere. If so, we should meet up there or here in NYC at some point. I’d love to have lunch or whatever.


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