Release Date for The Clown and the Magician: July 13th!!

I just found out that the release date for The Clown and the Magician is set for this coming Wednesday, July 13th!  Sooner than I’d realized!  I mostly just wanted to let the brand-new-but-faithful readers of this blog know the news right away. 🙂

I feel like maybe there are many actions I am supposed to be taking about this, and perhaps there are, but as someone very new to the business end of writing (is that like the business end of a pencil or a knife?), I don’t really know what they are.

Instead, I will regale you over the next few days with tales about this novella!  It’s a bit startling to me that this is happening at all… I originally intended this story to just be a quick, light-ish, fun, short thing… which it is to some extent, but it also grew and grew, and got a few unexpected wrinkles and themes thrown in, and now it’s a whole novella.

I actually started writing The Clown and the Magician for one of Dreamspinner Press’ calls for submission to an anthology about men in uniform.  Now, of all the anthologies they were planning this year, that is probably the one I would have, from an objective, musing, looking-at-the-list sort of distance, thought of myself as least likely to write for. I have nothing against men in uniform, but it didn’t trigger my imagination the way some of the other things on the list did.  But for whatever reason, that very fact made me turn it over in my mind a bit, trying to think of something different to do with this theme, something I could have fun with…

That’s when I thought of using costumes instead of uniforms, and the idea of a clown and magician came into my head, and, apparently, stayed in my head.

The next thing I knew, it was not short, it was not quick, and it was a little less light-ish, though thankfully it stayed fun.  When I submitted it for the anthology, Dreamspinner suggested that I expand it instead, since it was close to their novella length anyway.  So I did, and we were off to the races.

There’s the conception story for The Clown and the Magician!  Now I will come up with other interesting things to tell you about it in its release week, so stay tuned.  Also, if you would be so kind, and if you are curious, please tell me what you would actually like to know about this bookling.  Want character profiles?  More about the writing process?  Stuff that gave me trouble?  Surprises I encountered in writing?  Want to know about the sex, and why I like writing about gay men?  Want to know about researching clowning and magic tricks?

Ask me, and I’ll tell you!  Don’t ask me, and I’ll tell you anyway, but I might not pick the things you most want to hear, so… your fate is in your own hands now.  And the fate of my book will shortly be in your hands, too!  Yikes!  Excited author keeps writing because she is excited, but has nothing more to say at the moment!

🙂  Thanks for reading!  Enjoy your Sunday.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Charlotte
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 21:28:51

    How exciting!

    I would like to hear about surprises you encountered while writing, and also a tantalizing detail that will make me want to buy your novella.


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